The school has large, spacious and well-equipped laboratories for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics. Students have full access to these labs to perform regular experiments for the better understanding of various topics of their syllabus.


Physics lab is a place where learning is based on experiencing various phenomenon. Equipped with the latest instruments, the lab caters to the needs of students of both primary and senior classes. Students have ample resources and opportunities to put to experiment the theories learnt in class.

chemistry lab

The Chemistry Lab is well-ventilated and well-equipped to cater to the various needs of the students. It has multiple spaces that provide for long-term multi disciplinary projects, individual and small group learning, inquiry lessons, project-based learning, and problem solving. It provides a dynamic learning environment which is student centered and curriculum-driven.

biology lab

To provide first-hand knowledge to the students, the biology lab is stocked with models and live samples which allow the students to explore the living world around. It is equipped with latest & innovative state of art devices. The students during their biology laboratory classes work on creative lab ideas. These topical and interesting experiments use popular culture and classic lab techniques to introduce biology concepts to students.

computer lab

Computer forms an integral part of today’s education system. Our school has a well-equipped computer lab. It has 50 computers with access to high –speed internet and latest software. All the computers are installed with classroom management software to control the student’s computer activities from the teacher’s system to prevent web-surfing of restricted material.

mathematics lab

To make mathematics learning a fun and joyful experience, the school has a well-furnished spacious mathematics lab equipped with the latest teaching apparatus/ models helping the students to clear their concepts through simple & fun-loving activities. The lab consists of various modules of mathematics like algebra, geometry and arithmetical statistics. These are of great help to the students of ages 4 years to 14 years.