principal's message

GIS Principal

Gokilambal School has earned high reputation in Ariyalur &Kumbakonam. Our school provides congenial atmosphere and opportunities to student so that they can excel in their field of interest. Besides academic excellence and intellectual development, our school endeavors to help the students to discover their innate talents and abilities by offering a wide spectrum of activities which from an integral part of the school curriculum.
We welcome you all to the world of creativity and innovation where we make learning very special and interesting. Definitely you have selected a perfect place for your ward to give wings to their dreams.

R.Soundararajan, M.Sc. B.Ed.,
GIS Principal

I feel privileged to welcome you to Gokilambal   School , one of the best upcoming schools in the region, which offers quality education with character. “Education empowers and propels students to be catalysts of change and harbingers of a better tomorrow.” One thing we all know that education in India is none of profession based but knowledge based. Parents’ expectation from their children is very high. They want them to be good professional in their life. That is the reason every parent emphasizes on academic records of his child. I do agree to this, but a true human being is one who is adorned with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness with academic records. In today’s world, value based education is more essential for success in life.